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object of attending a dance, and sat in state in the Vasanta
Mahal* surrounded by the people of the seventy-two viniyogas,
the eighteen karkhanas and twelve mahalsf and learned men.
While the (three Padusahas) sat in state, surrounded by
the men of the fifty-sis countries, women danced, musicians
sang, and persons skilled in playing on the Ff#a played upon
that instrument. While the three Padusahas were conversing
with religious men, the mahaldar of Yadula i§aha Padusah
presented himself before them and saluted them in a most
respectful manner. Then he described graphically his ex-
periences (at Vijayanagara). The three Padusahas listened
attentively to what he said, and asked : " You are a Mahaldar
(employed in the service) of Alii Yadula Saha. It is strange
that you should have come to us (with this complaint) instead
of submitting it to your master. It appears that you have
come to us without communicating to your master the opinion
which the Narapati had expressed. How do you account for
this ? " To this the mahaldar replied :
" I have not come (here) without (first) complaining to my
master." (Having given this reply), he then e:splained to them
how his master, to whom he had complained, attaching no
value to his statement, said "I have acquired the status of
being called a son of Rajabhuvara 5 and I will not raise my
hand against him," and added: " (Having been thus brushed
aside), I have approached you.'*
When the three Padttsahas heard carefully, the story
of the mahaldar, they became indignant, and said, " what
honour has the Rajabhuvara himself?" They resolved that
they should make war upon him and devastate the whole
of Karnata causing (Rajabhuvara) loss by way of
punishment^ Summoning their astapradhanas, captains
• Malliga (MSJife ))—/, p. 161.
t A lonff lUt of th* seventy-two -mni&g&s and other offices-giYwi in the text
(pp. 265-9) is omitted from this translation.
t *«nH  force   hi»   to   carry   and   «at   ths   abominable   food of hi*